Receive instant payments from Bitsika users across Africa, without any fees.

Create invoices and get settled in your local currency, no matter where in Africa your customers are paying you from. You can use the dashboard or our API.

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Collect Payments

Go Pan-African, get paid locally.

With one dashboard / API integration, you can get paid by customers all over Africa while getting settled in your local currency.

You don’t have to worry about exchange rates or expansion to other countries ever again.

Pan-African invoices

Receiving payments with the Bitsika Console helps you serve customers all over Africa without dealing with any complexities.

Convenience as a service.

Invoices can be paid by Bitsika users using their already existing app balances. So payments are instantly received, instantly settled, free of charge and almost unlikely to ever fail. If the user has money, the payment will work.

Instant payout

You can instantly send money in XAF, XOF, NGN or USD to any Bitsika user’s app balance right from the Console or our API. All free of charge.

A (short) 4 step process

Create Invoice

Get Paid

Instant Settlement



Plug-and-play technology through a single API and Dashboard


For people who do not know how to code (or coders not in the mood), your whole business operations can be run from our beautiful Console dashboard.


For devs, we have simple APIs and SDKs for you to automatically perform all Console actions at scale.


Personal Wallet

Manage your Bitsika personal account on the Console.

Working on your laptop all day? We got you covered with a personal account section on the Console where you can access all personal Bitsika app transactions via the dashboard.